Special Tools and Data

GIS Spatial Analysis

The Metropolitan Center offers resources mapping services. Community agencies can better target their resources having a comprehensive map of their assets within the community they serve. Mapping projects normally include a brief history of the community in question, longitudinal demographics and commercial data and GIS visualization of a variety of assets.

Multilingual Call Center

The Metropolitan Center has a long track record of providing reliable information to decision makers through survey research. The Call Center has capabilities to conduct surveys in English, Spanish and Creole.

Census Information Center

The Metropolitan Center is one of only two Census Information Centers (CIC) in the State of Florida, which allows for early access to release data and data with restricted use. The CIC Program is comprised of 52 non-profit and community organization partnerships across the country. For more information on the Census Bureau's CIC Program visit their site here.

Open Street Map (OSM)

Open Street Map is an open source tool where open data concerning cities, states and countries can be extracted for further geo-spatial analysis. For more information visit the presentation attached here.