Office and Professionalism Training

Office and Professionalism Training (4 courses)

"What Winners Do"

Are your appearance and/or behavior sending the wrong message to co-workers about you? What image would you like to project to your supervisor and peers? Looking and acting your best makes you feel better and function better. Presenting yourself with confidence and displaying proper office etiquette is essential to your professional development. How you dress, talk, and act can change the way others see you and influence the way you see yourself. Whether you are interacting with internal or external customers, maintaining a high level of professionalism is very important. Professional etiquette is the way successful employees conduct themselves regardless of their job title. In the four (4) programs, you will discover how to develop and present a professional image to exert your personal power and increase your influence.

By the end of these sessions, participants will learn how to:

  • Create and project a highly professional image
  • Choose appropriate casual attire for the office
  • Cultivate and contribute to a professional office environment
  • Make a great lasting impression internally and externally
  • Stay positive and self-motivated every day
  • Understand difference in the needs of internal and external customers
  • Learn how to create a team atmosphere and work as a team member
  • Work effectively with different personality types and work styles
  • Learn how to develop effective service-based values, skills and image
  • Learn skills that can improve communications focused on service issues
  • Demonstrate effective telephone techniques and manners in order to improve image, satisfaction and personal effectiveness

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