Professionalism & Ethics for Government Employees

Professionalism & Ethics: Values, Integrity, Principles and How These Impact Daily Decisions of Government Employees

Professionalism & Ethics for Government Employees: (4 hour course)

A four (4) hour program, designed to provide opportunities for participants to develop knowledge and individual introspections about legal issues, values, ethics/integrity principles, and how these impact daily decisions and careers. This program fosters discussion about issues as they relate to daily ethical decision-making by examining a series of case studies.

Participants will review applicable ethics ordinances, learn about Florida’s Sunshine Law, Jennings Rule, Public Records Law, The Paul Mendelson Citizen’s Right to Honest Government, Ways to Bribery, Miami-Dade County Code, and your City, Town or Village’s Code and Florida Statutes. Participants will be allowed to discuss, evaluate, and solidify their own beliefs and values while learning with reference to others, particularly when two virtues conflict.

Participants will learn to:

  • Provide information concerning legal and ethical requirements
  • Encourage self-examination and acceptance of responsibility for choices
  • Examine rationalizations, i.e. “DO the ends justify the means?”
  • Explore the impact of ethical choices, in the making of public policy
  • Provide a framework for making ethical decisions in the public arena

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