Strategic Planning and Team Building Retreat

Transforming your Organization to Ensure Effective Results

This program covers everything from defining external and internal influences on strategy to ensuring alignment during implementation. If you are leading, facilitating or participating in strategy formation, this is an opportunity you can not afford to miss! It provides an introduction to the principles and practices of strategic planning. Conducted interactively, it leads participants in the step-by-step creation of a strategic plan. Designed to provide a planning framework, the course is valuable to both those involved in developing strategy and those called upon to deploy strategy in action.

Program Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of a Strategic Planning Model
  • Understand the importance of a mission statement to a strategic planning endeavor / learn to successfully craft a mission statement and gain commitment
  • Learn to integrate ideas and data into the strategic planning process
  • Gain an appreciation for the dynamics of implementation of strategic plans
  • Transform mission statements into reality: Once it is written, what else needs to happen?
  • Learn how to recognize organizational barriers to planning
  • Understand your role in your organization’s planning process
  • Effectively sell your strategic plan to senior management
  • Master a sure-fire implementation process that focuses on alignment, accountability, action plan requirements and performance management

Program will cover

  • Defining Mission and Vision for strategy
  • Understanding Customer and Stakeholder Requirements and the Environment and Technology
  • Assessing Strategic Capabilities, Strategic Risks, and Developing Strategic Measures
  • Planning and Empowering Strategic Action (Linking Strategy and Action Planning)
  • Communicating, Supporting and Measuring Strategic Action
  • Cycles of Planning and Tracking Long Term Results
  • Internal and external influences on strategy
  • Strategic planning and implementation tools
  • Environment industry forces analyses and assessment tools
  • Changing your strategic landscape/Strategic risk and points of control
  • Importance/Performance matrix and application
  • Value chain analysis, activity systems and Key elements for an implementation plan

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