Stress Relief for Government Workers

The Escape Button Is Not Working!

This fun and interactive course will give government employees valuable information to eliminate the grip that overwhelm and stress have on their lives working for the public. Participants will learn to manage tensions and pressures in every area of their lives with greater ease and confidence. This course will improve the quality of work, as well as reduce absenteeism and workplace injuries with simple tools to recognize stressors and minimize the negative impact.

By the end of this session, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand what stress is and how it affects you
  • Gain awareness of how to use basic stress management techniques
  • Learn how to set goals and manage priorities to reduce and improve performance
  • Measure burnout potential and how to avoid burnout
  • Techniques for alleviating stress
  • Look at hostility producing thinking

Please click here to contact the Metropolitan Center Training Institute so that they may work with you to provide these services on-site.