Trigger-Proof Your Way to Success

12 Tools to Keep Your Cool and Confidence in the Workplace

This program is the ultimate guide to keeping centered while dealing with difficult people. The program focuses on how to hold on to their power and peace of mind while managing, working with or delivering service to people who may trigger unacceptable behavior in them by “pushing their buttons.” Through illustrative case studies and twelve tried-and-true techniques, the trainer helps readers acquire the Trigger-Proof Attitude Advantage. They will go from being burned out, stressed out and possibly out of a job to successful, in control and on top of their game. The model for business today is a more dynamic person-centered relationship: sharing power, knowledge and skill, and assisting one another in getting our needs met. Real life situations from public and private-sector workplaces are employed throughout the book to illustrate how to put the principles into practice and become a relationship specialist.

The Trigger-Proof Attitude Advantage is reached when we understand ourselves. Only when this occurs can we begin to understand and deal comfortably with other people. The better we understand our strengths and weaknesses the more effectively we will respond to others and quell potentially volatile outbursts—before they happen. Everyone has buttons that can be pushed. Some people even get a sadistic kick out of trying to exploit and find people’s weakness and soft spots and try to provoke a fight or disagreement. So we must know where our places of vulnerability are inside ourselves in order to be prepared with appropriate, aware responses. A little advanced planning and learning the responses to potential triggers is key—and these responses can be learned and mastered. By mastering them we can be more successful in holding on to our power and peace of mind.

What will be covered?

  • Discover What Triggers You
  • Hold On to Your Power and Your Remote Control
  • Keep the Doorknob of Your Life on the Inside
  • Pattern Interruption—Redirect Behavior
  • Learn to “Re-Do” Mistakes
  • Don’t Bite the Hook—Personality Types That Trigger You
  • Refuse to Take Things Personally—It’s Not About You
  • Rid Yourself of People Renting Space in Your Brain
  • Avoid the Misery Addict
  • Choose Your Battles Wisely
  • Every Thought That Comes Into Your Head Should Not Fall Out of your Mouth
  • Putting Your Attitude Advantage to Work—Become Resilient!

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