Hospitality Trends for 2017

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Venue:FIU Downtown Brickell 1101 Brickell Avenue, FDBS 226, Miami, FL 33131


Hospitality management is characterized by diversity and constant change. Many factors can help your organization stand out from the rest, i.e., marketing, customer service, meeting the specific needs of clients (Millennials, LGBTQ, Vegan, etc.), social media, etc. This workshop will update hospitality professionals of current trends that will help you maximize your organization’s opportunities for the years ahead.

What are the current trends, or the general direction of changes, in the industry? The main driver of trends right now is technology. There are new devices and apps that are coming out daily that are changing the way restaurants, hotels, airlines, and cruises are doing business. Technology is also increasing competition in the industry as it is used by travelers who themselves are changing.

Whether you are in food service, lodging, the cruise industry, the meetings/events segment or tourism operations, you will want to keep your organization safe from dangers of an HR misstep.Customers, employees and other stakeholders are increasingly looking at a company’s record and stance on sustainability and social responsibility issues before making a choice on where to stay, where to invest or which job offer to accept.

Topics Covered:

  • Growth & Future
  • Products & Characteristics
  • Market Statistics, Analysis & Revenue Management
  • Trends in Technology
  • Leadership & Supervision
  • Importance of Training in the Hospitality Industry
  • Skills, Competition & Turnover
  • Customer Service & Guest Satisfaction
  • Sectors & Services of the Hospitality Industry
  • Sustainability & Social Responsibility
  • Challenges of the Hospitality Industry
  • Case Study & Research
  • What is Tourism Management?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a smooth and memorable experience for guests
  • Update platforms to stay technologically competitive
  • Identify methods of adapting to millennials, LGBTQ, Vegans and others
  • Learn how to stay connected to guests/customers – during dining experience, trip and stay and after check out
  • Utilize social media apps for campaign and promotional purposes
  • Collaborate with other businesses i.e., Uber, Lyft, Airbnb etc. to become more competitive
  • Analyze the implications to revenue management of using various distribution channels
  • Find out how to reduce food and other types of waste while helping the local community
  • Learn effective methods for incorporating social responsibility into marketing efforts to increase brand image and sales.


Image Carmen E. Beltran, Director; Marriott International

Image David Mammina, Human Resources Manager; Loews Miami Beach

Image Antoni Yelamos, Director of Hospitality; Streetsense

Image Dale Gomez, Director, Information Technology; FIU

Image Fabio Scaglione, Manager, Food & Beverage Strategy; Celebrity Cruises Inc.

Image John D. Buschman, Adjunct Instructor; FIU