Tuesday Times Roundtable - The Status of Women in Miami-Dade County: Economic Participation, Opportunity, and Equity

Dr. Maria Ilcheva presented The Status of Women in Miami-Dade County report to Florida International University's Tuesday Times Roundtable event. The presentation can be viewed here.

Rainy Day Funds and Revenue Volatility * Dr. Hai "David" Guo and Daniel Castro investigated "rainy day" funds for all 50 states. Rainy day funds serve as savings in the event of a fiscal emergency. However, relative volatility, the variation in collected revenues, can vary from year-to-year and state-by-state. 

Because it is difficult to forecast how much revenue a state will have on a given year, rainy day funds are able to cover lower than expected revenue collections. In Florida, about 1 billion dollars were used following The Great Recession. Since then, data collected shows that rainy day funds have been climbing along with a decrease in relative volatility of revenues.

On average, state governments seem to tie rainy day fund balance to revenue volatility. However, this link does not seem to exist prior to fiscal year 2000. Their presentation for the 2018 Association for Budgeting and Financial Management Conference can be viewed here.


Small Business. Big Impact. Report on Small Businesses in Miami-Dade County 2018

Dr. Maria Ilcheva presented at a recent event in FIU in DC titled "Beyond Startups: How do we Nurture and Scale-Up Small Local Businesses."

For communities seeking jobs and economic prosperity, launching new businesses isn’t enough. Good jobs and wages come from growing a business, not simply starting one. However, policies that promote business growth are very different from those that promote business starts. Few cities know this better than Greater Miami, which has led the nation in business creation.

Dr. Maria Ilcheva's report discusses sectors, wages, and the future of small businesses in Miami-Dade County.

The presentation Small Business. Big Impact. Report on Small Businesses in Miami-Dade County 2018 can be viewed here.

World Planning Schools Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2016

Dr. Ned Murray, Associate Director of the Metropolitan Center and Dr. Maria Ilcheva, Senior Researcher, delivered presentations at the World Planning Schools Congress 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Murray discussed how community development interventions can gain better outcomes for affected disadvantaged communities by more effectively planning and managing program service delivery through the use of performance-based data. Dr. Ilcheva presented research on the importance of transportation for quality of life and South Florida transportation solutions.

Dr. Ned Murray's presentation "The Application of Performance-based Indicators to Inform an Integrated Approach to Program and Service Delivery in Concentrated Poverty Neighborhoods" can be viewed here.

Dr. Maria Ilcheva's presentation "Mobility and Access: The Importance of an Integrated Transportation Network for Economic Sustainability and Quality of Life" can be viewed here.

Deerfield Beach Economic Development Strategy, September 2016

On September 6th, 2016 The Met Center's Associate Director, Edward "Ned" Murray, presented to the City Commission proposed strategies to create "a liveable and connected downtown".

See the highlights of the presentation here.

South Florida CRA Lenders Forum Agenda, December 2016

FIU Metropolitan Center presents new Community Development Solutions Program and Enhanced Community Development Model to South Florida CRA Lenders Forum.

See the PowerPoint presentation here.

CUPSO Panel in Athens, OH April 2017

On April 19, 2017, Dr. Howard Frank, Director of The FIU Metropolitan Center, presented at the annual Consortium of University Public Service Organizations's (CUPSO) conference in Athens, OH. You can view his powerpoint presentation here.