Training Institute

The Metropolitan Center Training Institute has delivered training to many agencies and municipalities over the past twenty years in topics ranging from essential customer service skills to creating organizational performance measures.

The Metropolitan Center has the unique capacity to draw on the expertise of FIU’s talented academic community. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts has the capacity to deliver high quality programs born out of an established record of successful implementation.

Custom Training

The Training Institute is committed to providing high quality programs at a reasonable cost to state agencies, local government, and non-profit organizations in South Florida.

Call us to work with you to design programs that meet the specific needs of your organization. Customized training sessions are conducted at our state-of-the-art facilities in Miramar, Florida, or on-site at your premises. Our training can be tailored for all levels of your organizational structure, from frontline to executive. We can also connect groups and businesses with similar training needs so they can partner to offer mutually beneficial programs. The Metropolitan Center Training Institute is here to provide a cost-effective and flexible option for investing in your team’s professional development.

Some of Our Custom Training Topics

Customer Service Essentials
Supervisory Skills
Business Writing for Professionals
Presentation Skills
Professionalism and Ethics
Human Resources Management
Performance Measurement
Public Financial Management
Records Management
Strategic Planning
Organizational Design and Development

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