Cultural Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment

Cultural Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment (half day course)

Putting the Pieces Together

Learn more about living and working in a culturally diverse work environment. Insightful sharing by class participants will help develop a more accepting perspective of people who are different from themselves. Federal law prohibits discrimination and sexual harassment. Learn about its damaging impact on the victim, the harasser and your organization and how to prevent it.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • See the impact of personal perceptions on diversity issues
  • Manage personal biases in the workplace
  • Define how sexual harassment harms the victim, the harasser, and the organization
  • List four steps to follow when responding to sexual harassment
  • Five basic guidelines to avoid harassing behavior

This half day training will inform and protect your employees and your organization by clearly indicating zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment of any kind.

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