Customer Service Essentials

How to Win and Keep Customers

We are in an era where our customer service initiatives are often the key to our success or the harbinger of our failure for our respective agencies. The Training Institute at the FIU Metropolitan Center understands this important fact. In this four (4) hour program, we will provide an in-depth course on “how to master your skills in customer service” to better equip you and/or your staff in this important and demanding area.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to

  • Identify the internal and external customer and recognize and avoid “emotional leakage”
  • Begin a service interaction that demonstrates eagerness to serve
  • Demonstrate that they value both the internal and external customers
  • Demonstrate good listening skills and customer focused communication skills
  • Handle effectively different customers, such as the friendly person, the angry person, and the threatening person
  • Solve customer problems more effectively
  • Identify their part in the service chain and its importance to them, their department, and the organization
  • Understand how a particular position or job function impacts customer satisfaction
  • Identify specific customer needs that they and the organization fill
  • Work with different personality types
  • Increase their awareness of the causes of anger and hostility
  • Learn the skills that can transform a confrontation into a positive resolution
  • Demonstrate effective telephone techniques and manners in a business situation

Please click here to contact the Metropolitan Center Training Institute so that they may work with you to provide these services on-site.