Economic Resilience

Jorge M. Perez Metropolitan Center Economic Resilience Dashboard

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FIU researchers have developed a tool to track Florida’s economic resilience.

The quarterly Economic Resilience Dashboard, developed by researchers at the FIU Jorge M. Pérez Metropolitan Center, is designed to aid policymakers, businesses, and community leaders to better understand and shape the economic futures of their communities. The Metropolitan Center rolled out the Economic Resilience Dashboard during a webinar held on 05/30/2024.
To view the full webinar, click here. To access the presentation, click here.

The Economic Resiliency Project defines the pillars of economic resilience and introduces a dashboard for tracking and comparing the effectiveness of the local economic development polices.

Our data falls into three pillars: economic stability, economic prosperity, and economic diversification.

(1) Economic stability is foundational to resilience as it creates an economic environment in which vitality, affordability, and innovation continually stimulate employment, business, and population growth, thereby making local economies less susceptible to economic shocks.

(2) Economic prosperity consists of the presence of critical socio-economic composed of critical resilience factors, including economic opportunity, mobility, and equity.

(3) Economic diversification is established through industrial diversification in terms of the variety of high growth/wage sectors and diversification in job skills and the educational attainment of workers, which is an integral element of prosperity.

Data for the resilience dashboard consists of economic metrics presented by quarter for the seven most populous counties in Florida and the State of Florida. The counties are:

  • Miami-Dade
  • Broward
  • Palm Beach
  • Hillsborough
  • Pinellas
  • Orange
  • Duval

    View the accompanying policy brief here.