The Metropolitan Center is the leading urban “think tank” in South Florida established in 1997 as an applied research unit for the School of Policy and Management/College of Urban Affairs. The Center has a solid record of providing services to communities through training, information dissemination, public involvement initiatives, technical assistance, housing assessments, industry analyses and community revitalization planning.

In addition, the Metropolitan Center has organized retreats, workshops, and conferences as well as public opinion forums to address specific urban issues such as:

  • industry improvement
  • housing
  • redevelopment
  • transportation

The Center’s research has served as a catalyst for major policy changes and projects in the areas of housing, transportation, social services, and health services throughout South Florida. The approach to providing consulting services is to take into account the unique needs of individual communities and/or clients while adhering to recognized methodologies for survey and focus group design, administration techniques, as well as data analysis and reporting.

The Center houses the ongoing South Florida Regional Database Project, which includes asset mapping, best-practice research, and full in-house Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capabilities. Moreover, the Metropolitan Center is a Census Information Center (CIS), which allows for early access to release data and data with restricted use.