Local Economic Development Tools & Technique

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Venue:FIU Downtown Brickell 1101 Brickell Avenue S-226 Miami, FL 33131


Local Economic Development Tools & Technique: Strategic Economic Development Planning


Local Economic Development Course (LED) focuses on the fundamental concepts, tools and skills needed to be successful in today’s economic and business environment. The LED Course will provide the participant with comprehensive understanding of the key planning and management competencies required to be a successful economic development official.

Learning Outcomes: The broad goal for the LED Course is for participants to acquire a conceptual framework and a base of substantive knowledge from which to better formulate answers to such questions as:

  • What is the planning and policy context of LED and how is performance measured?
  • What LED policies and strategies should a community pursue?
  • What are the roles of the planner/manager/analyst in forming and implementing a community’s LED policies?
  • How is data and analysis applied to strategic economic development planning?

Course Outline

The course encompasses the following topics:

  • Local economic Development Core Competencies
  • Economic Development Tools and Techniques
  • Entrepreneurial Development and Finance
  • Economic Development Organizational Development and Delivery