Preventing and Handling Workplace Violence: Tips, Tidbits & Tactics

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Venue:FIU @ I-75 1930 SW 145th Avenue Miramar, FL 33027


ImageWorkplace violence has emerged as an important safety and health issue in today's workplace. One of the most critical components of any agency’s prevention program is training. Training is necessary for employees and supervisors, as well as for the staff in offices that may be involved in responding to an incident of workplace violence.

This four hour workshop will illustrate what all employees should know and how to recognize and report incidents of violent, intimidating, threatening, and disruptive behavior. All employees should have phone numbers for quick reference during a crisis or an emergency. In addition, workplace violence prevention training for employees should include the following topics:

Upon Completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • City’s workplace violence policy
  • Identify the emerging trends in violence in the workplace
  • Define violence in the workplace
  • Understand why workplace violence is occurring
  • Identify the profile of the potential perpetrator of workplace violence
  • Know how to assess a potential threat
  • Understand the violence continuum
  • Create a plan to minimize problems in pre-, active, and post-employment
  • Resolve hostile situations at work
  • Recognize their own “triggers”
  • Recognize different forms of hostility
  • Defuse anger in themselves and others
  • Identify effective conflict resolution techniques
  • Identify situations in which each style of conflict resolution would be used
  • Peacefully negotiate any conflict
  • Implement a six-step intervention model to improve performance of a difficult employee