Supervisory Skills I & II: Acquiring the Skills to Becoming an Effective Supervisor

Event information
Venue:FIU @ I-75 1930 SW 145th Avenue Miramar, FL 33027


Moving from a staff level position into a managerial position is a big jump for most people. Many people find that they are unprepared and that they do not have the necessary “soft skills” to manage others. Now you can learn the skills to tackle and solve real-life situations with increased confidence of a pro. You’ll role-play issues such as team dysfunction, mediation, coping and working through “survivor” Image shock from layoffs, as well as the difficulty when merging with another team or another corporation.

This two day, eight-hour overview is an interactive course that will explore techniques used by frontline supervisors to motivate their employees, increase employee productivity, and help develop employee self-esteem. This course will also help the supervisor learn ways to handle change and understand the need for shifting their paradigms in order to improve personal and professional effectiveness.

Part I – Class Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the principles of supervision and develop your supervisory role
  • Identify the barriers that keep you from accepting change and being a creative leader
  • Understand the primary responsibilities of supervisors and common problem areas encountered in their daily routines
  • Understand your organization’s culture and policies and procedures pertaining to managers’ roles and responsibilities

Part II – Class Learning Objectives:

  • Improve your time management
  • Learn basic coaching and counseling skills
  • Improve communication with all levels of the organization
  • Deal with diverse populations more effectively
  • Manage change and stress more effectively
  • Understand and utilize your leadership styles appropriately