Business Writing and Grammar for Professionals

Event information
Venue:FIU @ I-75 1930 SW 145th Ave, Room 336, Miramar, FL 33027


This is a hands-on interactive business-writing course that will help participants assess their present writing skills, reduce writing time, and develop a more effective business writing style. The program will help your employees produce better letters, memos, reports and emails in line with accepted professional practices.

Proper grammar is an essential tool in business communication. Writing is an important part of workplace communication that sets high communication standards for all management, staff, and customers. Participants will learn techniques for producing clear, effective memorandums and reports are the topics of this course. This workshop designed to help the participant grasp what they are writing by reading, understanding, remembering and implementing writing tools.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Gather all your information before you start writing
  • Use clear, familiar words and keep most sentences short and simple
  • Choose active voice verbs; Avoid passive voice
  • Get people into your writing and use a conversational style
  • Identify tense switching errors and learn how to correct
  • Identify freely available online resources that can support continued writing development
  • Learn revision strategies for short memos

The second day will include the following:

  • Organizing and how to Outsmart the Deadline
  • Identify their audience and understand the purpose of their writing
  • Write with ease, simplicity, clarity and in a positive and friendly tone
  • Develop effective openings and closings
  • Get rid of writers' block
  • Understand how to deliver bad news in a good way
  • Link ideas with transitional phrases
  • Find the appropriate rule or answer to a grammar or punctuation question
  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses through a preliminary survey
  • Place the appropriate mark of punctuation at the end of a sentence
  • Use appropriately the comma, colon, semicolon, and other marks of punctuation

*Each participant is asking to bring a sample writing piece for self-evaluation.


Dr. Amy Kahrmann Huseby

Amy Kahrmann Huseby is a full-time Instructor at Florida International University, where she teaches courses in nineteenth-century British literature. Prior to her time at FIU, Dr. Huseby had a fifteen year career as a paralegal. During her graduate studies, she then worked as a Writing Center Instructor for six years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the top-rated Writing Centers in the world. She writes:

“My teaching experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which includes a year of teaching first-year writing and serving as a Teaching Assistant for many literature courses, as well as my six years of experience as a tutor for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writing Center and for the community-based Madison Writing Assistance, have given me substantial pedagogical and administrative training and experience in writing instruction. As a Writing Center instructor, teaching by Skype, email, in satellites, and for Outreach all taught me the value of students’ ability to access educational resources. Working on the Outreach team for a year, a position which involved collaboratively planning and teaching courses with faculty in many disciplines across campus, I was selected for the Writing Center’s leadership as the Outreach Coordinator, responsible for not only planning Outreach events but teaching a team of eight of my peer instructors about the work of Outreach. I taught large-group workshops to faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates on writing dissertation proposals, research methods, literature reviews, resumes and cover letters, fellowship applications, and using technology such as Scrivener in their writing processes.”

Dr. Huseby is currently at work on her first monograph, Quantified Lives: Nineteenth-Century British Poetry and the Mathematics of Social Totality. She has work published or forthcoming in Victorian Poetry, Women’s Writing, Victorian Periodicals Review, South Atlantic Review, and in three edited collections. Her own poetry has appeared in The Atlantic Review, Pearl, and Wilderness House Literary Review, among others. She serves as North American Book Reviews Editor for Victoriographies (Edinburgh University Press) and as the Caucus Representative for the Victorian Poetry Caucus at NAVSA.