Obj. 1. Training CI Policy users

  • CI Policy Users Workshop: This workshop is oriented toward policy scientists in the nonprofits and local government agencies that engage with data analysis for policy making.
  • CI Policy Users Webinar: The webinars are for practitioners from government agencies and nonprofits, and includes students and faculty from the schools.
  • CI Policy Users Online Training: These are Online Training self-paced modules that CI policy user community can take at their convenience.

Obj. 2: Training CI Professionals

  • Policy Informatics Seminar: The Policy Informatics Seminar is intended both as an intellectual forum to advance CI tools and as a management and coordination method.
  • Policy Informatics Conference Sessions: These are special sessions in selected conferences to provide CI training to PhD students and interested faculty members.
  • Policy Informatics Certificate: The certificate program is to provide exposure to cyberinfrastructure issues in governance.

Obj. 3. Policy Information Hub

  • Policy Informatics Platform: The platform is an online forum to connect the community of public policy users and professionals.
  • Policy Informatics Data Repository: This is a repository of administrative data that are publicly available and are of crucial interest to the policy researchers. The aim is to make the data available in standardized, commensurate format for researchers.
  • Policy Informatics Tools: These are computational tools for data mining, analysis, and visualization, customized for public policy analytic methods.
  • Policy Informatics Research: This activity is to enhance research on evidence based public policy.