Report: Women in Miami Dade-County, 2018

Annual report on the status of women in Miami-Dade County. Infographics: General Characteristics, Education, and Earnings.

Small Business, Big Impact

Report on small businesses in Miami-Dade County

Hurricane Mitigation: The Insurance Environment and Government Planning Efforts

Hurricane Mitigation: Public Sector Mitigation and Adaptation Efforts, and the Florida Resident Perspectives

Miami-Dade County Gender Equity Report

The first annual report on the status of women and girls in Miami-Dade County was presented to the Board of County Commissioners Tuesday, December 6, 2016. The findings shed a light on areas where women and girls are succeeding or struggling, including in education, health and safety and economic development.

Miami-Dade County Prosperity Initiatives Study

The study presents a comprehensive analysis of the Miami-Dade economy and offers an innovative 5-point program to address the County’s most difficult community development challenges.

The Transportation Landscape of South Florida, 2017

A review of South Florida's public transit institutional framework.

Economic Currents: South Florida's Economic Quarterly

Economic development and housing are two of our most important foci and this report provides readers with analysis of South Florida’s economy with particular attention to employment, purchasing power, and of course—housing. We focus on the Tri-County (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) region to underscore the critical commuting and employment linkages underpinning economic activity in the metropolitan area.

Neighborhood Change Series

The FIU Metropolitan Center is beginning to publish a new research series that explores change in different neighborhoods in the South Florida area.

Policy Briefings

As part of our commitment to providing local and state public and private decision-makers with relevant information on issues affecting South Florida, the Metropolitan Center is proud to announce our bimonthly publication, Policy Briefings. Below please find the list of our published issues.


The Metropolitan Center is working on a new project featuring interactive maps with important community characteristics including racial/ethinic distribution, education, population and mean household incomes of Miami-Dade County subdivisions using the most current US Census Bureau Data.


The Metropolitan Center staff prepares brief analysis of issues of interest to the community.