Economic and Housing Market Analysis

Economic and Community Development Plans and Studies:

Strategic economic development projects are studies that look at regional development problems and opportunities. Over the last ten years the Center has worked on major projects that have regional implications.

Miami-Dade County Prosperity Initiatives Study

The study presents a comprehensive analysis of the Miami-Dade economy and offers an innovative 5-point program to address the County’s most difficult community development challenges.

Prosperity Study Presentation

Executive Summary

Full Report

Economic Development Implementation Plan (EDIP) for Miami-Dade County:

This project grew out of a rigorous analysis of obstacles to economic expansion within Miami-Dade County, identified clear and workable development strategies and offered major recommendations for improving the local economic atmosphere. Click here for more information.

Florida East Coast Corridor Strategic Action Plan:

The project includes new guidelines and strategies for affordable housing and transportation revitalization to stimulate redevelopment in a high-potential area. Click here for access to the projects.

Miami Targeted Industries

This project involves a detailed study and analysis of the three industrial sectors identified in the “FEC Corridor Strategic Redevelopment Plan.” The study focused on the following specific areas of economic growth and job creation: industry profiles, inventory and classification of local firms, market base study, public infrastructure and site planning needs, private capital needs, production technologies, supporting and complementary industries, management training needs, workforce development needs, and institutional support. The following is the link to the study: Miami Targeted Industries.

Other projects and relevant reports are listed below.

Housing Market Analysis