Economic Development Implementation Plan

The Economic Development Implementation Plan (EDIP) is the product of a nine-month assessment of the "impediments" to economic development in Miami-Dade County. Mayor Penelas’ Mosaic 2000 Partnership Initiative initiated the economic development planning process. The goal of the plan was to identify clear and workable economic development strategies to overcome existing impediments, increase the benefits and positive consequences of economic development programs, and help ensure the most efficient and effective investment of public and private resources

The EDIP report concluded that Miami-Dade has made significant progress in recent years building community consensus on economic development issues and solutions. As examples, the report points to the Mayor's Economic Summit, Round II Empowerment Zone application process and the Mayor's Task Force on Urban Economic Revitalization. The report determined, however, that effective implementation of past and present economic development plans and an initiative has been problematic for Miami-Dade. To address this issue, the EDIP recommended four "operational elements" and their accompanying policy strategies. The operational elements are: 1) creation of a strong entrepreneurial environment; 2) community collaboration and capacity building; 3) comprehensive economic development planning with a coordinated and integrated economic development delivery system; and 4) building public/private lending capacity.

Access to the study: Economic Development Implementation Plan for Miami-Dade County