Local Government Planning and Management

Transportation and Land Use Planning

The Metropolitan Center works in conjunction with local, state, and federal transportation agencies such as the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Florida Department of Transportation and the Federal Transportation Agency. The Metropolitan Center serves to produce publications compelling civic involvement to better assess the service of the different transportation modes. These publications also serve as venues for citizens to obtain valuable information for their transportation needs and interests. The Metropolitan Center has also provided technical efforts to build useful practice techniques for underprivileged, handicapped, and elderly populations whose transportation needs are of prime importance. Public outreach has compelled most of the transportation initiatives in which the Metropolitan Center has taken the lead. The role of citizens is crucial, as they are the primary users of transportation services at all levels. The responsiveness of government and planning organizations is crucial to the development of a safe and efficient transportation system. The Metropolitan Center works to promote this efficiency and government responsiveness within the county, state, and federal government.

On June 6, 2013 the Metropolitan Center assisted the Citizens Independent Transportation Trust in holding the 2013 Transportation Summit: Visioning the Future of Miami-Dade County’s Public Transportation. With over 500 people in attendance throughout the day, the Summit clearly demonstrated the significant interest in Miami-Dade’s transportation issues. Following the Summit, the Metropolitan Center was tasked with producing a report of proceedings for CITT and the public-at-large. The report’s objective is to encourage further discussion of the main themes discussed during the event. It incorporates all material from the event, including notes, presentations, audio recordings, and session summaries along with references to particular documents that may add context and background.

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Comprehensive Planning

FIU Metropolitan Center works with local governments in the develop and update of master plans, and annexations among others studies. Some of the projects realized are presented below:

Strategic Planning

The Metropolitan Center has deep roots in public and nonprofit management for over 15 years and takes pride in tailoring planning efforts to the client needs. We understand there is no "off-the-shelf" planning that fits every organization. During these tough times, many organizations need to shift focus to a renewed sense of purpose among public sector professionals. As it is time to think about new directions-strategic and tactical-for the organizations, The Metropolitan Center at FIU offers a wide range of services to help you re-imagine your future. Gain a wider perspective of management practice through breakout sessions, exercises and case applications. FIU staff can serve as facilitators for planning sessions. We can also provide detailed socio-demographic data to guide your planning efforts. In addition, the Center offers assistance with the development of performance metrics to help judge progress in achieving your strategic aims.

We will learn your history and prospects before proposing the planning effort that bests fits your aims.

Recent planning effort clients have included: