Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization

On the Move - Miami-Dade County's Pocket Guide to Transportation

"On the Move" is a citizens' guide that provides transportation information with regards to transit services including MDT, Jitneys, South Florida regional Transportation Authority, Local Circulators, STS, etc., highway services including Service patrols, SunGuide, SunPass®, ITS, etc., non-motorized transportation including bikes on trains and buses, greenways, etc., Paratransit and small mass transit services including vanpools, taxis, airport shuttles, carpooling, etc., and the ports. The Guide has been provided as a booklet and distributed to transportation agencies and citizens in Miami-Dade County.

Community Characteristics Project (CCP)

FIU is continuing progress on the Community Characteristics Project (CCP) for the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) of Miami-Dade County. This project is renewed annually and will integrate a Web-based GIS system with the "How to Reach Out to the Community Guide" and Community Background Reports into one seamless Web portal interface. The CCP is a tool that will enable Transportation Planners and Public Involvement Officers (PIO) to review the social, economic, and geographic characteristics of an area before public involvement (PI) outreach is initiated. This tool facilitates PIO efforts to create an effective PI program and accomplish stated Title VI goals that will ultimately allow the identification of the attitudes and issues facing that particular community.

MPO Quarterly and Annual Newsletter

FIU prepared an eight-page newspaper insert and four quarterly newsletters that feature various transportation agencies and information about the multiple transportation services that are being provided. The quarterly and annual newsletter efforts have been renewed annually from 2002 to 2010. The annual newsletter provides profiles of the various transportation agencies and focus on safety aspects as they relate to Miami-Dade County’s transportation system. Safety programs instituted for each agency are highlighted and discussed. In addition, information is included regarding the MPO Board Members, MPO studies and programs, updates on the various Miami-Dade County Transportation agencies' activities, the Bicycle/Pedestrian program, information on the various MPO citizen committees, and a Public Survey. The Quarterly Newsletters provides information that is relevant to that time period.

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Development of Layout and Data Collection
  2. Compose Articles
  3. Photo Gathering
  4. Layout in Spanish and Creole
  5. MPO Review of Spanish and Creole Layout
  6. Final Edit of Spanish and Creole Layout
  7. Final Draft of Spanish and Creole Versions to Printer